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Biennial Steering Committee

Lee E. Buenconsejo-Lum, MD
Program Chair

Dileep G. Bal, MD,
Chair, Intercultural Cancer Council

Lovell A. Jones, PhD
Co-Founder and
Past Chair, Intercultural Cancer Council
Director, Center for Health Equity and Evaluation Research (CHEER)

Pamela M. Jackson, MS
Interim Executive Director, Intercultural Cancer Council

COL (Ret)
James E. Williams, Jr., MS, SPHR
Immediate Past Chair, Intercultural Cancer Council

Armin D. Weinberg, PhD
Co-Founder and Past Chair, Intercultural Cancer Council

Larry E. Laufman, EdD
Symposium Evaluator

Angela C. Wright, BBA
Symposium Coordinator


Summer workshop flyer thumbnail The 12th Annual Disparities in Health in America: Working Toward Social Justice will be held from June 23 – 28, 2014 in Houston, Texas at Prairie View A & M University College of Nursing in the Texas Medical Center.  The Opening Keynote Speaker on the morning of June 23rd will be the Honorable Louis W. Sullivan, former Secretary of Health & Human Services, introduction by Dr. Robert Robbins, President and Chief Executive Officer of Texas Medical Center.  The workshop is set up as a course for both undergraduate and graduate students wishing earn three (3) of academic credit in the area of health disparities.  It is also geared for both lay and professional individuals interested in learning not only about the complex issues surround health inequities, but solutions to the problem.  For those who have attending the Biennial Symposium Series, the benefit of blending both traditional area and non-traditional areas in both understand the problem, but developing solutions as well.  Some the session topics that will be covered are: Demographic Changes, Public Health & Health Inequities, Tobacco-Use:  Creating and Resolving the Problems of Disparities, Human Genomics And Disparities:  Globally And Locally, Human Inequities And Health Communication, Health Disparities & Patient Navigation, Health Disparities and the Media, Health Disparities And Ethics and Health Disparities and Health Policy.

ICC Regional Leadership, please contact Pam Jackson at pjackson@bcm.edu regarding information on travel scholarship for students and mentors from their regions.



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